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Is anyone working on new releases?

Jul 31, 2009 at 8:52 AM

Clone detective is great. I've already found it to be quite handy.

There's a couple of items on my wish list though:

a) We have mixed c++ and c# solutions, so I'd love support for c++ - I know conqat has it, so surely it shouldn't be hard to add?

b) some sort of preview of snippets in the clone classes. I'm not entirely sure what's needed there, just that at the moment it feels a bit like I'm having to click blindly to find clone classes that I'm concerned about

c) some way to flag a clone as ok to ignore, need to fix


Is anyone actually working on this project, or should I scratch my own itch?





Aug 15, 2009 at 4:31 PM

Hi Lance,

Sorry for the long delay. Currently things are very stressful so I want to apologize that it took me two weeks to answer your post.

At first I want to thank you very much for using Clone Detective and providing feedback! Great to hear that you like it.

As you've probably seen the last check-in has been made by Immo back in January. So it shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that the project is not under active development (currently!). But that doesn't mean that Clone Detective is dead or we won't work on it any more. We have plans on updating it and releasing new versions in the future. The only problem is that we just didn't have enough spare time to work on it in the last months and unfortunately it looks like this will also be the case in the next weeks.

So what are our plans concretely?

You might have seen that a new version of ConQAT has been released on Tuesday. Our plans are to update CD to build upon ConQAT 2.5, fix at least the issues where our product prevents successful installation of other Visual Studio extensions, and of course provide some new features. With these changes being made we'd like to release an updated version for users of Visual Studio 2008 because the next version of Visual Studio still needs some time to bake and many users can't or won't update immediately when it is done.

For Visual Studio 2010 our plans are very vague. We'd like to support a feature of ConQAT called "gapped clones" which really shows off the benefits of clone detection on production code. We have some very early sketches of what the UI could look like which clearly indicate that we want to build upon WPF and the new VS Text Editor. But as I've said: It's very early and we haven't put enough thought into these ideas yet.

Having laid out our plans I'd like to talk a little bit about your ideas. Personally I'd love to see support for C++ in CD as well and a lot of our users want support for VB. We're completely aware of that and of course we want to address the need. However there are some caveats which let us step back and not implement support for other languages at the moment. The biggest issue is that while we know that ConQAT supports C++ we have no idea of the language level they support. What we clearly not want to provide is a half-baked solution that only supports a subset of the C++ programming language because that would cause a lot of irritation and frustration among our users. Additionally support for managed C++ and C++/CLI would be great and once again we currently don't know whether it's supported by ConQAT. That said We're actively working with the ConQAT team to resolve this issue.

What you've also mentioned is categorization of clones which is another fantastic idea that should make working with clones a lot easier. I'd also like to see this in the product.

Would you like to implement some of your ideas? We would be more than happy to welcome you in our team and help us bring clone detection to the masses.

Best regards,

Aug 15, 2009 at 4:59 PM

Hi Thomas,

Item a) is now a lot less important to me. I've just changed jobs to a purely c# role. Partly motivated by the lack of decent modern tools in c++. On the plus side, I've now got a few weeks of spare time until  I start in my new role. So a little work on something like this could be great fun. Do I need a pro-level version of VS to develop plugins though?

On the c++ support - I used conqat's c++ detection - once I figured out the right options, and it was certainly adequate for the most part.


Aug 15, 2009 at 5:47 PM

Hi Lance,

Glad to hear that! I've added you to the project a moment ago. Also good to know that ConQAT's C++ detection works for production code bases.

For developing VS plugins AFAIK you need at least Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition. What you definitely need is the Visual Studio SDK and some other stuff for being able to build and debug the source code, documentation, and setup. We have a list of all the tools (which is quite long for something that looks like a simple VS plugin) on the Downloads page (

Kind regards,