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Cann't see Clone Detective

I installed Clone Detective and it hanged for a while. Checked in VS couldn't find it. Then i repaired it, checked in VS Views->OtherWindows menu couldn't found. Checked with extension Manager and...

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Open Clone Deductive for One of Project

HI, I have one solution with one web application in VB.NET and 5 class libraries in C#. I can able to run Clone deductive for only one project which is first in my build order, after that when i t...

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getting error while running detective

* INFO : Logger configured by file: C:\Program Files\Clone Detective for Visual Studio\ConQAT\bin\..\config\ * INFO : ConQAT 1.3 (core 2.3) * INFO : Loading bundle edu.tum.cs.c...

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Setup on vstudio 2010

Setup will fail on vstudio 2010

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Exception when starting the clone process

Hello, i have installed the clone detective to my system. I am working with winXP and Visual Studio 2008. When i start the clone process, i get an exception which looks like follows: * INFO : Lo...

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Quadruple menu entries

After installation of Clone Detective on Visual Studio 2008 Profeesional all toolbar icons, menues and menu entries appear four times! After deinstallition all is normal again. Also the language is...

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Clone detection failed, no good error message

Clone detection failed, se log. Lastest .Net, lastest java. Perhaps a better errormessage could help?

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Installation fails for first time in VS2008

After installating Clone Detective successfully in VS2008 when i try to open clone explorer window from Visual studio i got the follwing error messge. Package Load Failure Package 'CloneDetective....

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I can not make it work!!

Hi, I just installed Clone Detective and tried to test old code and it does not work! It gives me a "Failed" link in the Clone Explorer and when I get into the log, I noticed some warnings and one ...

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Clone Detective did not produce a clone report. Please review the log file. Title is required

Hi. I added a comment to but it remained closed. I installed Clone Detective today and am getting the same error. I'm r...

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