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It simply don't work

May 9, 2009 at 12:05 PM


the Video Page "Introduction to Clone Detective" provide a very useful tool. Maybe it is, but after install there is no item in VS Tools menu and the Tools - Options - Clone Detective setting page only show "An error occoured loading this property page"

I tried to repair, i tried to reinstall, same result.

And as i looked to the many issues at the discussions section (the most of them without answer, some of them just with questions and no hints ... ) it looks to me like this app is primary poor developed. I'm really glad now that this thing don't ruined my VS settings like in other issues described.

My environment is Vista 32 bit UltimateEdition, VS2008 TeamEdition SP1, .NET 3.5 SP1, jre6, VS2005 TeamEdition, all with latest updates. 4 GB RAM machine.

Take this offline until it works properly not only in your developing or test environment (if you have something like that).